A Perfect Sunday at Oak Cliff Film Festival

Besides watching films, there’s a number of things to do while out at the Oak Cliff Film Festival including shopping, walking the local neighborhood, and eating at culinary staples nearby. To help prevent any "analysis paralysis", we're recommending three items on the OCFF 18 program: the documentary shorts, the screening of Birds Without Feathers, and the Spotlight feature Never Goin’ Back (and things to visit and see in between).

Normas Cafe.jpg

11:00AM-1:00PM - Brunch @ Normas Cafe

Norma’s Cafe turns 62 this month. As any “time will tell” test will indicate, having been around so long only solidifies Norma’s Cafe’s as an Oak Cliff staple and culinary must-try. This long-running restaurant is right across the street from Kessler Theatre where two OCFF screenings occur and is known for homestyle Southern cooking and all-day breakfast. Visitors recommend the eggs and pancakes.


1:00PM-2:45PM - Documentary Shorts @ Kessler Theater

Head over to the Kessler theatre right across the street from Norma’s for the Documentary shorts starting at 1PM. Within 89 minutes, watch six shorts with topics as diverse as “My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes”, “Marfa”, and “Personal Truth”, a documentary about an armed man storming a Washington DC pizza parlor in search of a non-existent child sex ring he’d read about online.


2:45PM-3:15PM - Drinks @ PhD

If you want to stay walking distance from Kessler, walk over to PhD, an energetic, game-day venue offering American pub fair with Texas fair, plus a lineup of live music, for a little Sunday Funday with locals. There’s bound to be a World Cup game or two as well!

3:15PM-5PM - Birds Without Feathers @ Kessler Theater

At 3:15pm, head back to Kessler for Birds Without Feathers. As described in the OCFF program, Birds Without Feathers is about “six emotionally damaged individuals that put self-respect on the line...a cruel world dark comedy populated by struggling instagram stars, Russian Cowboys, self-help gurus, and more.” Today’s modern society and our clashes with social media and its societal implications are bound to make this film relevant. Filmmaker/Director Wendy McColm will be in attendance as well.



5PM-8PM - Shopping @ Bishop Arts | Vinyl @ Top Ten Records | Books @ Lucky Dog | Dinner @ Small Brew Pub

After the movie, you have options. The Oak Cliff neighborhood is one of the more Brooklyn-esque neighborhoods DFW, and Texas in general, has to offer. Take advantage of some  of the local establishments such as Top Ten Records, the oldest record store in Dallas, or check out Lucky Dog Books, a homey secondhand-book store, offering classes and discussion as well as a monthly book club. Lucky Dog Books has reading nooks, good prices, and a lot to choose from. If roaming through vinyl records and books isn’t your thing, there’s incredible shopping options to be had over on West Davis Streets in the Bishop Arts District. You can also enjoy some cocktails in the airy backyard patio of The Wild Detectives. For those of you who have a badge to the festival, then don’t forget the Margaritas and Elotes happy hour starts at 6pm at Mercado 369.

If you want to get dinner, then Small Brew Pub has some incredible menu items and a great craft beer and cocktail menu boast. It’s also 50 feet from the venue so you can get to Texas Theatre for the final screening of the weekend in under a minute.


 The inside of Small Brew Pub

The inside of Small Brew Pub

8PM-midnight - Never Goin Back @ Texas Theatre

The closing film of the weekend and also a Spotlight feature of the Festival, is Never Goin Back, which will also be followed by a “Never Goin’ Back to Work” special after party. Never Goin’ Back is about two best friends, Angela and Jessie, both high school drop outs, who are stuck at their dead-end waitressing jobs. They dream of going to Galveston for a beach trip but a drug deal done wrong threatens to derail their dream trip with a short stint in juvenile detention instead. They’ll have to use their wit and charm to try and keep it together and ultimately make it to their beach destination.



 A shot from the OCFF spotlight closer, Never Goin' Back, playing at 8pm on Sunday at OCFF HQ Texas Theatre.

A shot from the OCFF spotlight closer, Never Goin' Back, playing at 8pm on Sunday at OCFF HQ Texas Theatre.