Welcome to Socialvite: A Note From Our Co-Founder


In October 2016, around a kitchen table in Lowest Greenville, we began our first discussions around what would become known as Socialvite. We had no funding, no real business plan, and no expectations as to what would come out of our idea to develop a platform that allowed friends to share and find events more easily. What we did know was that we weren't satisfied with the existing social networks as a tool for coordinating events, and that as a generation increasingly on the go, it was becoming harder to stay in touch with those around us. It was through this dissatisfaction that we rolled up our sleeves and went to the drawing board on how to create a social planning tool that would benefit not just its users, but the local communities of those users as well. A little over 1.5 years and countless late night hours later, our app is now in the Apple Store, with a focus on Dallas as our launch market. While a lot of features about the app have changed through its design process, a number of things haven't changed around our mission and what we do, which I spell out below.


Socialvite is a social planning tool

We built Socialvite as an alternative to the "junk food" of social media. We don't use likes, views, viral feeds or other statistics to keep you guessing at what your audience wants or to keep you on the screen. We want to maintain a streamlined experience from start to finish that allows you to find events easily, coordinate with others via messaging or event planning, and do all of this on the go from your mobile phone. 


Growth through community development 

We have an app, but now our goal is grow it and expand our reach. We want to do this sustainably and through community development. Whether you're a local band, a recently opened restaurant, or an individual user, we want to partner with you to develop a stronger social fabric within your community as facilitated by the app. We want to interview restauranteurs and put them on our blog; we want to make sure that new arrivals to our cities feel welcomed and supported with enough activities and things to do to go out and meet people; we want to be present at local music festivals or film festivals and support the local arts community.  


Get Off Your Screen and Into the Moment with Socialvite

With existing Social networks, users get bombarded with videos, walls, comments, and countless other distractions; it's a wonder we're ever able to get to our events on time at all or actually spend quality time with those we meant to connect with originally! With Socialvite, you can create a profile and directly communicate with followers about your events; you can also directly communicate with friends and places of interest to find things to do. This creates a more curated experience where everyone benefits from getting off their screen and into the moment with Socialvite. By keeping our app streamlined, and making it as easy as possible for you to coordinate with hosts or guests or the organizations you follow, we hope that you'll spend less time texting between different chatrooms, making less phone calls, reviewing less wall comments or likes/dislikes, and instead spend more time actually out with your friends. Our app even allows you make public or private events right on the spot, so if you decide that you and your friend are really enjoying this happy hour and want your other co-workers to join, you can create a Socialvite set for "now" within a matter of seconds, select which co-workers to invite, and continue to be present with the one you're with while others mobilize to come meet you.


Closing Out, While Just Beginning

‘Begin at the beginning,’ the King said gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’
— Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

We are so excited to finally be here. While one chapter has closed, our next one begins...We cannot wait to continue to grow this app with our community and see where it takes us; we also cannot wait to continue improving it in "Lean Startup" fashion. To that effect, we are always open to suggestions. Download our app, tell your friends about it, tell us about it and let us know how we can improve at Team@socialvite.us. If you want to help us open in a new market like Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. then please also reach out as we're always open to partnering with local leaders and influencers in their market so long as they share our value of growth through community development. 

See you on the app! And follow our Socialvite Dallas profile if you're in the DFW area to find neat things to do.


Anthony Arias, Co-Founder and CEO, Socialvite