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Organize events on the go with friends, followers, and your community.

Socialvite is a streamlined social planning app that allows you to coordinate current and future events on the go. There are no likes, no views, and no distractions. Use Socialvite to schedule dinner with friends in seconds, or to reach any number of followers in your city instantaneously. Whether it's on the go or planned, there's no better way to connect with others.



Socialvite is better with friends. When you follow your friends, favorite restaurants, bars, bands, and venues, you'll be able to get invited to their events.



Enter details about your event, or "Socialvite", and select followers to invite. Reach your audience within seconds via the app or through a text message.



Coordinate details and stay up to date about events via one consolidated, mobile platform.


Our Blog: Dallas Consolidated

Socialvite is not just about sharing events, but finding events too! Dallas Consolidated, powered by Socialvite, is a great way to find things to do in the Dallas area. Download our app and you'll have access to these events directly by following the Socialvite Dallas profile.